Advanced Skin Technologies



Combining the proven technologies of Ultrasonic and LED Light Therapy, the Dermalift Genesis ultrasonic and LED light therapy machine will not only provide a wealth of anti-ageing treatments but will also treat a wealth of skin conditions and common skin ailments that affect people of all ages with all skin types.

Both ultrasonic and LED light therapy stand-alone as outstanding results-driven treatments; but when combined, their effect on your clients skin is maximised. The waves generated by the ultrasonic penetrate deeply through the epidermis and into the dermis, increasing blood flow, plumping up the skin, smoothing out fine lines & wrinkles, tightening sagging skin, contracting enlarged pores, alleviating puffy eyes and reducing the appearance of dark circles and cellulite.

Light Therapy
Light therapy can be applied alone, or concurrently alongside the ultrasonic treatment using specifically designed ultrasonic hand pieces fitted with an array of LEDs around the outside of the ultrasonic applicator head. The light’s colour can be changed according to your client’s specific skincare needs, whilst the mode of the light can be switched to either constant on, or to a pulsed mode. This pulsed effect maximises the light’s penetration of the skin to different depths, providing treatment to both the epidermis, dermis and underlying tissue.

Red Light
Stimulates the skins cellular regeneration, facilitating tissue repair & rejuvenation. Also stimulates the lymphatic system, aiding in lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and remove waste toxins.

Blue Light
Reduces inflammation & provides an anti-bacterial effect, an ideal treatment for acne prone skin.

Yellow Light
Tones and smooth’s the skin, whilst also promoting the production of Collagen.

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